In the beginning it was believed that in Panama there were only jungles and mosquitoes, that idea was in the past when the trips inside and outside the country began to obtain what the tourist boom is today.

La Jolla Pedasi

Among the more and more visitors that come to the country today, we have the privilege of receiving Hollywood stars; Many of them are interested in obtaining property in our country. In recent years the country has been provided with a growing economic and hotel development which we can highlight cities such as Bocas del Toro, San Blas and Pedasi, among others.

Today, of course, we have the opportunity to visit one of the projects that is promising to be the best sustainable community in the region and the best thing is that it is only meters away from the Pacific Ocean. We talked about La Jolla de Pedasí. This is a project carried out by one of the best US development companies PREF Developers which maintains its main offices in New Port Beach California and which is developing projects in our country.

PREF Developers; development company behind La Jolla Pedasi.

To know how is this project of great magnitude we leave here some of the photos that have been provided to us and the links to their websites; Keep an eye on him and you will fall in love with his villas.